How To Drive More People Into Your Canadian Automotive Dealership

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– With Compelling, Automotive Flyer Advertising that Grabs Attention and Encourages ACTION!

Used effectively, automotive flyers can interest and attract people in your area who are contemplating an automobile purchase.

They also reinforce your brand and keep your dealership in the top-of-mind position for others who may not be ready to purchase for a few more months. Creating a compelling, results-oriented automotive flyer requires advice from experts with years of experience in this specific market – experts who know the industry and have fine-tuned their car advertising techniques.

As an automotive advertising company in Canada specializing in flyers, our results have proven time and again, that prospects for a new car do indeed read and respond to automotive flyers – providing those flyers contain compelling, informative content that also asks for some form of action, such as calling the dealership, paying a visit to the showroom, visiting a website for more information, etc.

Hone the Flyer’s Message to Encourage Action

Compelling headlines are vital on car dealership flyers, as are incentives for readers to investigate further. Psychology is a big factor in designing a flyer. Even a little mystery is good.

Headlines like “Save Thousands with One Simple Decision” can compel a consumer to read the advertising flyer more closely and thus can improve engagement with the company. A stand-out auto advertising flyer will help keep a brand in a reader’s memory as will a call to action that will benefit the reader.

Further Calls to Action

The phrase “call to action” is well known in marketing. All advertising needs to encourage customers to act in response.

The most effective calls to action speak directly to readers, their challenges and their needs. Canadian automotive companies, for example, might use the following call to action: “Worried about rising vehicle costs? Call our team to discover the latest high efficiency vehicles.”

A Canadian car advertising flyer should include several messages that encourage action and those should be placed carefully and intentionally in the layout for maximum impact. Precisely targeting potential buyers is an exacting science, and a professional Canadian flyer advertising company has a wealth of information to help you hit those targets.

Bright Colours Capture the Imagination

Printing companies have an array of tools to maximize the visual impact and clarity of an automotive flyer. Companies must capitalize on these tools by making full colour printing an important element of their auto flyer advertising. A clear and bright colour image of vehicles for sale will reach a target audience in a way that no text or wordplay can. The human brain remembers stand-out images above all else.

Printed flyers are a crucial tool in direct marketing and in bridging an automotive company’s online presence with its offline presence. Effective flyer advertising doesn’t have to be a confounding challenge. Maximize your brand appeal by speaking with one of our car flyer specialists now!

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