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Micro Website Available

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Whether it’s for a Contest Promotion, a Giveaway, or a Draw, we can provide a micro website to go with your flyers …more

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Get Results for Your Campaign

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EFFECTIVE automotive marketing materials for all of your advertising needs! Find out why flyers work…more

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Your Automotive Flyer Advertising Specialist …for best RESULTS!

Serving auto dealerships across Canada since 1996.  

You have come to the right place for an honest, friendly and service oriented company to take care of your automotive promotional needs.  Sure, anyone can say that, but we mean it.

Toronto Advertising Ltd is a Canadian family owned and operated company with the single goal of assisting car dealers to attract more car buyers.

Today’s automotive market is highly competitive. The only way to stay ahead in this business is to continue to promote your dealership in every way possible. Toronto Advertising specializes in creating the best automotive flyers in Canada.

And, we print and distribute anywhere in Canada.

We will meet your time frames and design needs by combining compelling designs with top quality content.  But wait, there really is more! …

Micro Website + Flyer Combination To Promote Your Specials

Along with our flyer print and distribution, we will provide a one page micro website to match and compliment your promotion. Your potential customers can sign up for your advertised special, thereby creating a contact list for sales follow-up.

The flyer mailout, in combination with the micro site sign up, will create two touch-points for your organization.  It is a proven, highly effective method for pulling people into dealer showrooms.

Call us today for your free estimate: 1-888-966-6626 / 416-447-6646, or email us here.


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