Why Car Dealership Direct Marketing Works

Car Flyers Target Sales In particular, for automotive sales, flyer advertising works very well to bring a sense of close personal experience to the reader.

Obviously a dealer in Calgary is not going to advertise their sale in Halifax. So, the reader knows that whatever vehicles he sees and or pricing is advertised, it can affect him/her personally because the dealer will be in their general area.

This is direct, targeted marketing for car dealerships.

Benefits of Car Dealership Direct Marketing

Consider the amount of mail that goes to households. Over the years, this amount has dropped due to the popularity of electronic communications. With that being said, car dealerships are at an advantage when it comes to the success of an automotive advertising campaign. The likelihood of an auto flyer being seen is quite significant. With auto flyers, you have the ability to target an area of potential customers. Don’t forget about your existing customers.

Most importantly, as it enters someone’s home, the flyer almost always sits around on the table. In this setting, the opportunity is presented for the potential customer to start discussing purchasing a vehicle. Even better when your flyer has a great special offer or discount to grab their attention, especially when it’s right in their neighbourhood.

The Statistics – Why Car Dealership Direct Marketing Works

There are actually many more reasons why car dealership direct marketing works but to illustrate this is the study done by Epsilon Targeting.

In their report called The Formula for Success: Preference and Trust; 2,574 Canadian consumers had completed surveys. The findings were: 40% of Canadians said that direct mail is the preferred channel to receive financial services information. 

With direct flyer advertising you can reach as many or as few households as you choose. Your material goes directly into the persons hands and can stay there for weeks.

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