Targeting and ROI with Automotive Direct Mail

Vehicle brands advertise on TV and on the internet. This is a huge help to any dealership. But your flyers, advertising your cars, trucks, or RV’s are TARGETED to a geographical area. Plus, you’re smart, and you have a fundamental knowledge of your area. You know what type of person lives there and the general financial situation from your customer profiles. You also know what other offers are being made by your local competitors.

Therefore, you can design your flyer advertising to define the right offer for your specific public, and at the same time take competitor ads into consideration.

Demographics and Target Locations Through Flyer Advertising

Flyer Advertisement TargetingIt’s not just targeting by a physical radius – it’s targeted by a knowledge of the demographics of the area and the people that you are communicating to. That’s valuable insight and good marketing; creating excellent ROI using flyers.

Through a well targeted direct mail campaign, your car dealership will see success while in other marketing methods may not deliver.

Attract Customers Through Automotive Direct Mail: New and Existing

With targeted direct mail, you have immense opportunity to attract new customers at just the right time. During specific holidays, you can have different car sales events advertised through flyers. Boxing Day, in particular, is a popular holiday to hold a car sales event.

Through direct mail marketing, you can also target existing customers. Send them an exclusive coupon for discounts on oil changes or other auto services. Your existing customers will see that you’re a car dealership that pays attention to their needs and establish trust. Through this process, essentially you are creating a loyal customer base who, in the end, may pass on the good word about your dealership.

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