Flyers and Memory

Flyers and Memory: We Remember Better When Looking At Paper

Flyers and MemoryFlyers are highly efficient advertising tools when it comes to a persons memory.

Observe advertisements next time you go out and do an errand or go to work. There are billboards, radio, bus advertisements, etc. But, very often you can’t even remember what those advertisements were about by the time you get home.

But if you have received a flyer and looked through it, it’s easy to retain what you saw and thought about. Just this one fact makes flyers efficient in terms of ROI. But, the best feature of course is that the flyer will be around for days or weeks.

Not Buying Today But Maybe Next Week

While a person may not have an interest in buying a car today, if the flyer is still in their house 2 weeks later when their car breaks down, or when they see a different kind of ad that catches their attention … then the communication opportunity meets the new desire.

They can refer to the flyer and be reminded, that here, close to home, is an excellent deal on some great vehicles!

Flyer automotive advertising has more permanence than most other forms of promotion.

Flyers and Memory Relate To The Amount of Information In One Place
Flyer Advertising Works!

Flyers give you the opportunity to hand out a lot of information at one time. The color of the vehicle, the year/make/model are there and all of it is visual for the greatest memory retention.

Car Flyer AdvertisingFlyers and Memory go together so that your potential customers KNOW where to go for a vehicle sale or for that “exact” truck or car they have always wanted … because they’ve seen that it is in YOUR dealership right now!

Our in-house graphic designer can create flyer designs that are sure to stand out … and of course be memorable. Our flyers look so good that people keep them as a reference!

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We have years of experience in automotive advertising throughout all of Canada, great flyer designs – plus – excellent service.

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