Flyer Design for Car Dealerships

Flyer Design for Car DealershipsPeople are attracted to graphics and compelling images. They are physically interacting with this form of advertisement as it is directly delivered to their home. A flyer design for car dealerships should grasp peoples attention within seconds of seeing it.

Dealerships across the country realize flyer advertisements have quite the effect and other marketing methods just don’t cut it. You don’t just want ordinary flyer advertisements, however, you want flyer designs that are sure to capture the attention of your potential customer. This form of advertising is memorable.

Flyer Design for Car Dealerships Best Practices

  • Imagery: Pictures are the best way of advertising for creating a feeling of desire. Along with compelling copy and special offers, flyers can generate a ‘want’ in the viewer that may not have been there before.
  • General layout: Not only does the content have to be appealing, so does the imagery and general layout of the flyer.
  • Colours: When thinking about advertising with flyers, you want it to stand out amongst other things. Grasp peoples attention using different colours and design methods.
  • Offers: What specials or offers do you have that may interest a person to look at the flyer?
  • Simplistic: Although you want to get their attention with all your content, too much can be overwhelming and may cause the person to not even look at your flyer. Simplistic, bold fonts work best and straight to the point headlines keep a person intrigued.
  • Timing: It’s a best practice to create your flyer well in advance so that you have it ready to be mailed out, mistake-free.

At Toronto Advertising, we utilize all these best practices and more. We make sure that your flyers are aesthetically pleasing, attention capturing, and also delivered on time for all your special sales days and holidays.

For all your flyer design needs, contact us today!

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