Why Use Flyers

Woman Looking at a Flyer DesignWhy use flyers is a good question – and easy to answer. There are even statistics about it.
Many people will tell you that advertising on the internet is the only way to go; or radio is better because they target people IN their cars; or to use newspapers because of the large circulation base.

There is good and not-so-good in every form of advertising; but the reason that so many automotive dealerships use flyer advertising is obvious.

It works.

Below are a few notable reasons why your car dealership should use flyers.

Why Car Dealership Direct Marketing Works

Successful Car Dealership Direct Marketing Campaign

At Toronto Advertising, we have extensive experience with auto dealer direct marketing. We can help your dealership have a successful marketing campaign. Through statistics, we have analyzed that direct mail marketing is a trusted form of advertising. 30% of Canadians said that direct mail is more trustworthy than email, and 48% said they pay more attention to postal mail than email. Read more about why car dealership direct marketing works.

Flyers and Memory

Flyers and Memory

Try to remember that last great deal you saw advertised for a particular car and how it compares to the billboard you just passed while driving down the street. Can’t quite remember? Well you are not alone. With the amount of information flying towards us from television, the internet, smart phones, radio and all other forms of advertising, it’s hard to remember what you went to the grocery store to buy, never mind the deal you heard about 2 weeks ago. Read more about flyers and memory here.

Targeting and ROI

Targeting and ROI with Flyer Advertising

To create an effective direct mail marketing campaign, targeting and ROI is one of the most important factors. Who better to market to than families that already live near your dealership? Also, if you are knowledgeable of the type of customer in a certain area, you have the ability to target that area and send appropriate flyers to them. Read more about targeting and ROI with automotive direct mail here.

All About the Flyer Design: Gloss! Colour! Pictures!

Checklist for Flyer Design

We all respond to glossy paper, lots of colour and pictures the same way … we just have to look. And the beauty of flyers is that they are monumentally less expensive than their counterparts in this category; magazine advertising. Plus, it’s hard to be as “current” as you need to be in the competitive market of automotive advertising when using a magazine. Read more about flyer design for car dealerships.

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