No Anti-Spam Legislation Risk with Auto Flyer Advertising

Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation which takes effect on July 1, 2014 will not only have more stringent measures for marketers but will include a hefty penalty for non-compliance that can be anywhere from $1 million for individuals and $10 million for businesses. This apparently impacts the marketing strategies of most companies.

targeted marketingHowever, one marketing strategy that the CASL does not affect is Direct Marketing (DM) which has been widely utilized in automotive marketing through auto flyer advertising. In fact, CASL only reinforces the advantages of direct marketing. By itself, this strategy is preferred by a third of Canadians, 68 percent of whom open their mails right away and 95 percent read their mails the same day that they get it, according to Canada Post. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) affirms the viability of this strategy by stating that direct mails generate 4.4 percent responses against the 0.12 percent response from e-mails.

Auto flyer advertising is synonymous to targeted marketing since flyer distribution is focused on the locality of the car dealership. Mapping target markets allow dealers to evaluate new opportunities and acquire new customers.  Neighborhood data also reveal the demographics of the locality such us age, culture and income. Additionally DM flyers lead customers to the websites of auto dealerships through links and QR codes prominently displayed in them. In these cases, there are no risks of non-compliance with the CASL.

The fact is that DM strategies do bring customers online because they are very precise and targeted. Collated customer information can be used for specific communications and offers. This was further affirmed by the DMA which said that advertising in the mail is most effective for bringing customers online. Offers stated in flyers, complemented with strong calls to action will drive people to websites – again without the risk of paying the government $10 million in penalty for violating the CASL.

Of course, those who are more traditional and skeptic about technology would skip the website research and go directly to the doorstep of the dealership.

The CASL has definitely impacted marketing for most companies, but one has to remember that e-mail marketing is just one of the several marketing strategies that a business can employ. It is not even as effective as the results and responses from direct marketing. Even if the intention is to bring customers to the websites of car dealerships, DM still stands out as the channel to use because of its targeted nature and preciseness.

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