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– With Compelling, Automotive Flyer Advertising that Grabs Attention and Encourages ACTION!

Used effectively, automotive flyers can interest and attract people in your area who are contemplating an automobile purchase.

They also reinforce your brand and keep your dealership in the top-of-mind position for others who may not be ready to purchase for a few more months. Creating a compelling, results-oriented automotive flyer requires advice from experts with years of experience in this specific market – experts who know the industry and have fine-tuned their car advertising techniques.

As an automotive advertising company in Canada specializing in flyers, our results have proven time and again, that prospects for a new car do indeed read and respond to automotive flyers – read more


flyer advertisingFlyer advertising takes numerous approaches, but making use of particular holidays and other seasonal or special events as a driving force behind your offers can be an especially powerful tool. Let’s look at some of the strategies and reasons why occasion advertising works so well.

Flyer advertising that hinges on a certain occasion already serves two purposes: personally greeting your customer during a holiday season, and giving them a reason to expect an attractive transaction from your dealership.


A Proven Advertising Method: Holidays Equal Deals

What holidays are most known for are the bargains and deals that come with them? There’s no right answer, as there’s always an opportunity to take this effective advertising approach. Be it seasonally festive, spooky, parent-honouring or patriotic, every observance can be read more


flyer advertisingThere is a reason why direct mailing and flyer advertising are still media well used in automobile advertising, and basically any other product that needs to communicate directly to its market. The reason is, it has proven its effectiveness time and again.

In terms of a marketing approach, research has shown that the strategy employed in flyer advertising has generated an effectiveness rate of 75% in terms of response rate from the target audience.

Sell the “What For” Instead of Just the “What”

An all-too-common mistake for most companies and organizations that use flyer advertising is too much focus on the features, rather than the read more


Every single day, people are exposed to an enormous variety of media in advertising, including print, television, radio, email, social media and more. Indeed, advertising has come a long way, and become even more multifaceted than ever, and because there are a plethora of similar products on the market, the competition is fierce. One way to introduce and maintain the exposure of your particular product is through frequent and successful repetition.

Targeting the Audience: Effective Frequency Defined

flyer advertisingThe idea of effective frequency has been defined in several ways. Ideally, it refers to the amount of exposure consumers should be given to a particular product. This exposure would have to be the middle ground—not so little that the message is not received and retained, and yet not too sustained or frequent so as to cause over saturation. A tricky balance!

One of the top considerations should be the response that is incited in the consumer, because all types of advertising need a call of action. This means that it’s desirable to allow your audience to have multiple opportunities to see the product, so a medium such as flyer advertising is effective.

Structuring the Campaign for Effective Exposure

Traditional advertising has given birth to the concept of the magic three in effective exposure. In other words, a repetition frequency of three read more


Car Auto Flyers from Toronto AdvertisingCars don’t sell themselves, and no one knows that better than those in the business. Maybe it’s the fluctuating economy. Or the fact that people are bewildered by choice and need that extra push to get them off the couch and through the dealership doors to talk turkey and take that initial test drive. No matter what the challenges and obstacles, when promoting the inventory of vehicle dealerships, car sale flyers are still a tried and true method that works.

Why Use Auto Flyers to Help Sell Cars?

The changing landscape of advertising ideas for car dealerships has introduced more choices than ever before. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see digital campaigns launching products or even specific brands exclusively through Internet advertising. One proven method that still holds its own and keeps up with the times is car sale flyers, particularly in Canada. With the prevalence and popularity of email, texting and online activity in general, the amount of household mail delivered door-to-door has decreased considerably, and this works well for auto flyers.

Sending car sale flyers to individual mailboxes ensures that the target audience has the ability to peruse them while at home. This way, you are presenting the opportunity to read more



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