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– With Compelling, Automotive Flyer Advertising that Grabs Attention and Encourages ACTION!

Used effectively, automotive flyers can interest and attract people in your area who are contemplating an automobile purchase.

They also reinforce your brand and keep your dealership in the top-of-mind position for others who may not be ready to purchase for a few more months. Creating a compelling, results-oriented automotive flyer requires advice from experts with years of experience in this specific market – experts who know the industry and have fine-tuned their car advertising techniques.

As an automotive advertising company in Canada specializing in flyers, our results have proven time and again, that prospects for a new car do indeed read and respond to automotive flyers – read more


large size flyersAutomotive flyer advertising continues to be one of the leading choices for Canadian car companies looking to make an impression in their local region. But one of the most common questions many car dealership owners have is what size they should choose for their advertising flyers. While smaller flyers have some benefits, larger pieces that are at least 22″ by 34″ are the clear choice for companies looking to stand out and make a statement with their promotional campaign.

Let’s highlight the benefits of the larger size automotive flyers and outline options for Canadian car dealership owners to consider.

Larger Sizes Provide Greater Scope for Content

Put simply: the greater the amount of space on a flyer, the more read more



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