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Micro Website - Toronto AdvertisingToronto Advertising will supply a micro website to support your flyer marketing campaign. Contests or giveaways are perfect vehicles for a micro website, to collect names and email/phone numbers through your contest promotion. With this information, you have more knowledge on targeting and ROI in regards to your dealership.

A micro website is a less than 3 page website which captures customer information. This website also has a simplistic URL so that customers can access it easily.

For example: if you are hosting a draw where somebody can win an iPad, the person would need to go to the micro website and enter their details in order to be put into the draw. From there, you now have some information to work with including emails and phone numbers.

A micro website works best for contest purposes as it just has one goal: to obtain information from a potential customer. Since the person lands on the website and only sees one page – there is only one thing to do on this website: fill out this form. They are not distracted by other content that is on the website and they cannot click off this page.

It’s all customized to your car dealership when you create a micro website. It can either be completely different from your current website or compliment it.

With a small website like this, you can create multiple ones for all the different contests/promotions you hold. Don’t forget about the different holidays. The content/promotion will be direct and straight to the point. Micro websites are meant to be informative and boost your ROI.

Call us now to talk about the best to promote your business for more sales. Along with the flyers that you send out, Toronto Advertising can create a micro website.

micro website

An example of a micro website.

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