Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get a flyer campaign done?
A: 2-4 weeks, depending on how involved the flyer is and its contents.

Q: Do you also handle the mailing of the flyer for us
A: Yes, we will design, print and bring your flyers to Canada Post (as well as taking care of all related forms and paperwork) for door to door distribution.

Q: What response rate should I expect?
A: It’s very hard to tell what response rate to expect, it all depends on offers on your flyer, how much urgency/call to action your flyer generates, timing etc… Some of our customers report selling 15 cars from the flyer, others report 25, 35, some 50, 60 or more.

Q: Do you work outside of Ontario?
A: Yes, we work in all 10 provinces.

Q: How many flyers should I send out for my Sale?
A: The more flyers you send out, the more cars you are likely to sell. The volume of flyers you should send out is often determined by the number of residences in your trade area. Typically, dealers will send out from 50 000 to 100 000 at a time.

Q: Should I send my flyers to my immediate area or target affluent areas?
A: You should target your immediate area as it is very quick and easy for them to come and buy from you.

Q: Can I target my flyers to houses only as opposed to covering houses, apartments and businesses all together.
A: Yes, you can choose to deliver your flyers to houses only, apartments only, businesses only or to any combinations of the above.

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