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RVsA flyer reveals so much more about a company than just some products, services and deals.How is it that one flyer design can make a company look reputable, approachable and successful, while another design can make it look like a shoddy operation?A flyer reflects your company’s image and what you care about.

Poorly designed flyers send a message that a brand doesn’t care about perception or just doesn’t understand it.Let’s look at some flyer principles and techniques that help automotive read more


large size flyersAutomotive flyer advertising continues to be one of the leading choices for Canadian car companies looking to make an impression in their local region. But one of the most common questions many car dealership owners have is what size they should choose for their advertising flyers. While smaller flyers have some benefits, larger pieces that are at least 22″ by 34″ are the clear choice for companies looking to stand out and make a statement with their promotional campaign.

Let’s highlight the benefits of the larger size automotive flyers and outline options for Canadian car dealership owners to consider.

Larger Sizes Provide Greater Scope for Content

Put simply: the greater the amount of space on a flyer, the more read more


Automobile DealerIn a highly competitive automotive market, and with so many auto companies pouring investment into online promotion, there is still a big opportunity to capitalize on a proven effective tool for direct advertising: the flyer.

Being able to make an instant connection with a potential customer is critical to a business’s success. This concept has been the cornerstone of many successful promotional strategies employed across Canada over the years. Here we’ll focus on how automotive companies can use flyer advertising as part of a comprehensive and flexible promotional read more


Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation which takes effect on July 1, 2014 will not only have more stringent measures for marketers but will include a hefty penalty for non-compliance that can be anywhere from $1 million for individuals and $10 million for businesses. This apparently impacts the marketing strategies of most companies.

targeted marketingHowever, one marketing strategy that the CASL does not affect is Direct Marketing (DM) which has been widely utilized in automotive marketing through auto flyer advertising. In fact, CASL only reinforces the advantages of direct marketing. By itself, this strategy is preferred by a third of Canadians, 68 percent of whom open their mails right away and 95 percent read their mails the same day that they get it, according to Canada Post. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) affirms the viability of this strategy by stating that direct mails generate 4.4 percent responses against the 0.12 percent response from e-mails.

Auto flyer advertising is synonymous to targeted marketing since flyer distribution is focused on the locality of the car dealership. Mapping target markets allow dealers to evaluate new opportunities and acquire new customers.  Neighborhood data also reveal the demographics of read more


flyer advertisingPrivate sales for cars may seem like something discriminatory, but it is actually a great way to market your brand. The client list for this particular target market would be very exclusive, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cover a great deal of your clientele base when targeting select clients.

Do consider holding set-apart sales for particular groups of people. The benefit of sending out private sale invitations is that you can target a specific audience, showcasing an only-for-them opportunity; you can do that for various client groups, bringing to each event a special cachet and feeling of uniqueness.

Demonstrate Exclusivity: Your Client is Important

Holding a private sale for choice clients is pretty much the easiest way to say “premium” service—while at the same time indicating to each read more


flyer advertisingFlyer advertising takes numerous approaches, but making use of particular holidays and other seasonal or special events as a driving force behind your offers can be an especially powerful tool. Let’s look at some of the strategies and reasons why occasion advertising works so well.

Flyer advertising that hinges on a certain occasion already serves two purposes: personally greeting your customer during a holiday season, and giving them a reason to expect an attractive transaction from your dealership.


A Proven Advertising Method: Holidays Equal Deals

What holidays are most known for are the bargains and deals that come with them? There’s no right answer, as there’s always an opportunity to take this effective advertising approach. Be it seasonally festive, spooky, parent-honouring or patriotic, every observance can be read more


auto flyersJust as an aesthetically appealing visual design can work wonders on the effectiveness of your auto flyers in catching the attention of their target audience, the other 50% of the equation for a more focused and effective approach in advertising is the content of your copy.

In advertising, be it of automobiles, food, housewares, or myriad other products, flyers are a tried and true medium in seeking sales. But more particularly, it is the use of selected keywords that allows the message to come across most effectively and take root in consumers’ minds.

Auto Flyers: Keywords that Can Stick

There are a number of specific words that tend to stick in consumers’ minds, based on direct marketing and studies on good response rates. Auto flyers would be no exception!

Those words are as follows read more


flyer advertisingThere is a reason why direct mailing and flyer advertising are still media well used in automobile advertising, and basically any other product that needs to communicate directly to its market. The reason is, it has proven its effectiveness time and again.

In terms of a marketing approach, research has shown that the strategy employed in flyer advertising has generated an effectiveness rate of 75% in terms of response rate from the target audience.

Sell the “What For” Instead of Just the “What”

An all-too-common mistake for most companies and organizations that use flyer advertising is too much focus on the features, rather than the read more


car sales flyersMost people assume that car selling requires a certain skill that cannot be practiced and perfected, and that you have to be naturally born with it.

While there are those who have their way with words and actions when it comes to closing a deal, there are also many ways to sell a car. With effective car sales flyers, you can employ strategies similar to those used in one-on-one selling. Remember that it is important to generate and instill enthusiasm, which can be conveyed through car sales flyers, in addition to face-to-face conversations at the dealership.

Know Your Product Well

When distributing car sales flyers, you are making use of another channel to sell cars, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use the usual sales read more


Every single day, people are exposed to an enormous variety of media in advertising, including print, television, radio, email, social media and more. Indeed, advertising has come a long way, and become even more multifaceted than ever, and because there are a plethora of similar products on the market, the competition is fierce. One way to introduce and maintain the exposure of your particular product is through frequent and successful repetition.

Targeting the Audience: Effective Frequency Defined

flyer advertisingThe idea of effective frequency has been defined in several ways. Ideally, it refers to the amount of exposure consumers should be given to a particular product. This exposure would have to be the middle ground—not so little that the message is not received and retained, and yet not too sustained or frequent so as to cause over saturation. A tricky balance!

One of the top considerations should be the response that is incited in the consumer, because all types of advertising need a call of action. This means that it’s desirable to allow your audience to have multiple opportunities to see the product, so a medium such as flyer advertising is effective.

Structuring the Campaign for Effective Exposure

Traditional advertising has given birth to the concept of the magic three in effective exposure. In other words, a repetition frequency of three read more



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