Why Use Flyer Advertising as Part of a Full Automotive Promotional Package?

Automobile DealerIn a highly competitive automotive market, and with so many auto companies pouring investment into online promotion, there is still a big opportunity to capitalize on a proven effective tool for direct advertising: the flyer.

Being able to make an instant connection with a potential customer is critical to a business’s success. This concept has been the cornerstone of many successful promotional strategies employed across Canada over the years. Here we’ll focus on how automotive companies can use flyer advertising as part of a comprehensive and flexible promotional package.

Crowded Online Media Market Leaves Direct Mailing Opportunities

When comparing the value of online marketing with direct mail flyer marketing, company owners might consider how they respond to email offers versus regular mail. Email offers can be immediately discarded with the click of a button. Direct marketing, however, remains popular because it puts a tangible product in the hands of potential customers. It’s no wonder, then, that in a Pitney Bowes survey, 76% of small businesses said their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital communication.1

Affordability of Flyers Ensures Long-Term ROI

For automotive companies looking at ways to reduce the costs of their promotions, flyers represent exceptional value. While the costs of online advertising continue to rise against a backdrop of increased local market competition, the use of flyers retains its value in terms of return on investment. The low cost of printing materials and the wide access to expert print shops means that Canadian companies can achieve lasting value with their campaigns.

It’s also imperative to choose a flyer design specialist who understands the inherent value the medium offers. The specialist should offer a high caliber graphic design service as well as a service that combines the benefits of online and traditional marketing methods to create a synchronized, expertly targeted campaign.

Flyer Advertising Empowers Targeting Flexibility for Automotive Companies

advertising Direct Mail Unlike many of the other traditional and also modern online marketing strategies, automotive flyer advertising gives companies the ability to select their target audience carefully. Businesses can use various targeting methodologies to ensure their flyers grab the attention of their ideal potential buyers.

For example, instead of rolling out a large-scale radio advertisement and hoping that listeners at that particular time and in that particular geographic location hear it and want their services, flyer promotion presents a direct form of connection with qualified buyers. The flyer is also a physical and visual reminder in front of people, rather than a momentary ad that is gone from the memory as soon as the next thing comes on the radio.

Companies looking to hone in on target audiences, and consolidate both the cost and the time taken to complete campaigns, should consider flyer advertising. It is a leading, proven strategy.
The wide spectrum of promotional methods allows companies to carefully select the best advertising strategy through which to begin the sales “conversation” with their potential customers. By making flyer advertising a critical component of their overall campaigns, automotive companies can reach a broad range of qualified leads with cost-effective precision.

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1 http://news.pb.com/press-releases/pitney-bowes-survey-76-percent-of-small-businesses-believe-ideal-marketing-mix-includes-both-physical-and-digital-communications.htm

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