Why Should Canadian Car Companies Use Large Size Flyers in Advertising?

large size flyersAutomotive flyer advertising continues to be one of the leading choices for Canadian car companies looking to make an impression in their local region. But one of the most common questions many car dealership owners have is what size they should choose for their advertising flyers. While smaller flyers have some benefits, larger pieces that are at least 22″ by 34″ are the clear choice for companies looking to stand out and make a statement with their promotional campaign.

Let’s highlight the benefits of the larger size automotive flyers and outline options for Canadian car dealership owners to consider.

Larger Sizes Provide Greater Scope for Content

Put simply: the greater the amount of space on a flyer, the more room an organization has to utilize its creativity to attract attention.

For the growing company, it is important to outline the various advantages of choosing its brand over a competitor’s brand. Without adequate space on flyers, it is more difficult to show the superior aspects of certain products and services. On a larger space, a Canadian automotive company can give the advertising greater appeal by showcasing its full array of services and even compare those services with other providers, even some of the big corporate chains.

Great Colour Impact

Big space means a big area for an automotive brand’s colours.

Branding colours carry strong appeal with customers and can help direct mail flyer recipients remember the company during future promotions. In a study conducted through the University of Winnipeg, it was found that up to 90% of snap judgments about a product were made on colour alone. This highlights the incredibly important role that colour takes on when related to flyer advertising.

When used as part of a comprehensive promotional campaign, a car dealership can use large advertising flyers to capture the immediate attention of their target audience, who will then be drawn to the colours when they see them together in other promotions. It’s a design technique that assures an instant impact as well as a lasting appeal across a targeted demographic.

Larger Size Automotive Flyers Stand Out

Canadian automotive companies can stand out above the crowd with larger sized advertising flyers. In our visual world, peoples’ attention is fleeting and thus companies need to be able to communicate advertising message to them quickly. Large sized automotive flyers are able to do this by communicating a clear and concise statement to their potential customers.

With only a small flyer, some readers might not review the entire flyer as the content might be packed into a space that’s too small for optimal comprehension. And so Canadian car dealerships should utilize larger flyers to maximize the clarity of the copy they present and attention they capture.

By building the advertising conversation with customers based on clear and focused flyer copy, car dealerships can create a memorable brand presence and a lasting business relationship that can result in long-term revenues over many campaigns. The large sized automotive flyer is one of the most effective tools in communicating a Canadian car company’s branding vision.

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