Secrets to the Success of Occasion Advertising

flyer advertisingFlyer advertising takes numerous approaches, but making use of particular holidays and other seasonal or special events as a driving force behind your offers can be an especially powerful tool. Let’s look at some of the strategies and reasons why occasion advertising works so well.

Flyer advertising that hinges on a certain occasion already serves two purposes: personally greeting your customer during a holiday season, and giving them a reason to expect an attractive transaction from your dealership.


A Proven Advertising Method: Holidays Equal Deals

What holidays are most known for are the bargains and deals that come with them? There’s no right answer, as there’s always an opportunity to take this effective advertising approach. Be it seasonally festive, spooky, parent-honouring or patriotic, every observance can be turned into an occasion that can help bring traffic to your dealership. Here are just a few examples:

For Winter:

  • ‘Tis the Season (to get huge deals while we make way for next’s year’s models)
  • Winter Weather Bonanza (highlight safety features such as good handling, premium snow tires)

For Spring:

  • Mother’s Day Madness (a sporty little runabout for Mom)
  • Graduation Giveaways (reduced interest rates for new college graduates)

For Summer:

  • Canada Day Camp-Out (family fun with a great recreational vehicle)
  • Father’s Day Features (Dad deserves that handy pick-up truck for projects)

For Fall:

  • Our Halloween Happening (deals so good, it’s scary/”treat” yourself to a new car)
  • Thrifty Thanksgiving (let’s talk turkey on a great deal)

Holidays have always served as a good hook and handle for potential promos and deals. They also present a great opportunity to match the theme with a promo, and to distribute truly eye-catching flyers.

Vehicle Shopping: Now a Family Affair

flyer advertisingMany holidays are occasions when families gather together, with a day off and some free time to finally take the opportunity to look for that new vehicle. There may be younger drivers in the family, too, who’d like a say in what wheels are parked in the driveway, or who would like some guidance from a parent when test-driving their first car.

In anticipation of a holiday of this kind, take the opportunity to create some encouraging, family-friendly flyer advertising. Featuring your dealership’s family-style sedans of SUV’s at the forefront of such a campaign makes perfect sense.

Dealership Events can Mean Bargains

People always love anything free or discounted. This means that you can attract more potential customers if they recognize that you are offering something special in honour of your dealership.

Make sure to highlight and celebrate any anniversaries or other events that you can relate directly to your dealership. For a 5th year in business, for example, you can offer 5 free parts for maintenance services, while a 10-year anniversary can mean a 10% discount on the next all-point inspection. This tactic also underscores that your business is solid and trustworthy, and presents a sense of continuity and an interest in its clientele.

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