Positioning Your Company’s Brand Through Automotive Flyer Advertising

RVsA flyer reveals so much more about a company than just some products, services and deals.How is it that one flyer design can make a company look reputable, approachable and successful, while another design can make it look like a shoddy operation?A flyer reflects your company’s image and what you care about.

Poorly designed flyers send a message that a brand doesn’t care about perception or just doesn’t understand it.Let’s look at some flyer principles and techniques that help automotivecompanies not only advertise their products and services, but also make their brands stick positively and effectively in people’s minds.

Complementary Fonts that are Easy to Follow

While using seven different fonts might get points for artistic creativity in a classroom setting, in an advertising flyer it reveals a confused mindset and is so “messy” it doesn’t encourage readers to look further. To communicate professionally and effectively, a brand’s flyer needs at its core just one, easy-to-understand font. That font can be made bold or italicized or resized, if required, and indeed some details may be written in a font that is different yet complementary (i.e. similar) to the main one. The most important factor is getting the core message across simply and clearly without confusion. Classic and clean font styles state the message quickly and strongly.

Choose the Right Material to Showcase Brand Strength

winter saleThere are thousands of automotive advertising flyers out there that are printed on low quality paper. It’s not that a company has to spend big bucks on paper, but simply remember that cheap is cheap and sends that message. Poor quality can be a quick turn-off for many readers and discourage them from looking more closely. A company can increase its appeal by having flyers printed on paper that is more substantial than competitors use.

Texture plays an important role in the design process. Even raised print can add a memorable and tactile element that may resonate with recipients and separate the brand from others.

Short, Snappy Copy and Uncluttered Layout

Recipients pick up an automotive flyer to find out exactly is offered and why the company might be more worth visiting than others. Simple and direct headlines and copy make a difference. Nobody ever complains that writing is too simple.

Similarly, the layout needs to be clear and strong if readers are to look more closely. Throwing everything you can think of on the page may provide plenty of information, but it also forces readers to search for what they want. Clear layout will guide their eyes where you want.

Use Colour Effectively for Brand Appeal

Our eyes are drawn to strong colours. Auto companies can guide flyer readers’ perception of their brand with carefully chosen and placed colour. Just as an example and a tiny taste of the wide world of colour psychology in advertising, red is associated with excitement, energy and urgency. Or blue is often associated with trust and authority. Green can highlight freshness and vitality. By understanding colour use, automotive companies can design flyers that elicit specific thought patterns in readers.

A company can have full control of its image from the moment it begins considering a flyer advertising campaign. The question owners must answer is: “How can our flyers resonate instantly with our target audience?” By reviewing professional branding strategies and learning from the leaders in the field, any automotive company can make great strides in defining its brand as a market specialist.

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