Making a Direct Sale with Auto Flyers

Auto FlyersAuto flyers make for a great way to showcase your vehicle products without having to go through the hassle and expense of creating posters and other printed ads that may not always be seen by your target market.

With auto flyers, you can take control of the kind of information that your audience receives and you direct them to the exact area where the sale is taking place.

Perfect for Promoting Teasers or Promos

Promotional materials are one of the most common ways that auto flyers are used as an effective selling tool. You can immediately distribute announcements of various promos, discounts, and new releases in a well-designed flyer, complete with the specs, features, and prices of the cars.

You can include all of the information needed for the promo, or it can serve as a teaser auto flyer, wherein you can put links to your social network sites, the official website, or even an iPad and smart phone QR code for the more advanced way of redirecting your consumers to a direct sale.

Spread Your Message to a Targeted Audience

Most people assume that digital is the best way to go for any form of business advertising. Not only does it present a wide range of consumers that you can tap into, but you can also access and post on social networking sites for free to spread the word.

While this is true, it does not always meet your criteria, especially if what you are most focused on is auto sales, where your market may be more specifically targeted than the audience for most products.

For the most part, your target market will frequent car dealers and shops, and this alone is already a great place to start. You can distribute your flyers exclusively to people who are most likely to be interested in the product from the outset, including those who have a track record of being patrons of your vehicles.

It’s a relatively inexpensive way to disseminate information, while also keeping a more personalized approach to advertising, wherein you build a relationship with a potential customer while he or she is in the dealership.

Include Your Direct Sale or Application Forms

auto flyersBecause auto flyers allow you the luxury of directly relating to potential customers, you should take advantage of the fact that they can be used as a way to already relay a direct sale. If a direct sale is not possible, you can use auto flyers as an application form for memberships or a means for you to stay in touch with consumers.


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