Importance of Good Design for Car Flyers

car advertisementsTruly effective flyers don’t rely entirely upon the quality of a company’s offer. The actual flyer design plays a huge role in catching and keeping the attention of consumers so that they can easily receive and act on the message you’re delivering.

This is why it is necessary to ensure that the overall concept of the flyer, from initial design layout to finished copy, is appealing and effective enough to stand out in a sea of other designs and grab your target audience.

Bring Car Advertisements to Life

If you want to get a discount, promo, or new product across, naturally one way to directly achieve this is through your ad copy. But just because you want to be direct doesn’t mean you can’t also be creative in getting your message across. It takes originality in the way the copy is crafted to capture and retain your audience’s attention long enough for them to build genuine interest in the specific offer or message that your car advertisements are putting out.

Flyer Design and Graphics: A Boon or Bane?

Short attention span is a common weakness for, well, almost everyone. With flyers, you are even more hard-pressed not only for the audience’s attention, but also for the physical space on your flyer design.

Graphics are a great way to catch the audience’s attention while also presenting facts, statistics, prices and other details about vehicles that would otherwise be too text-heavy if exclusively in written copy. For car advertisements, copy alone is never enough, because generally you want to highlight the look and style of the car.


Infographics (or information graphics) are graphic visual representations of information and data meant to present detailed information quickly and clearly. They can improve a reader’s understanding by using graphics to boost the visual system’s ability to recognize patterns and trends. Using infographics contributes to effective flyer design. It removes the strain of reading a lot of text at the same time and, as long as infographics are skillfully unified with the overall design, they can be your talking points.

Size Matters in Flyer Design

car advertisementsFlyers come in different sizes and shapes, but given this, you should also note that particular sizes can be advantageous in certain situations. One good example is when you want to mail a discount coupon together with a flyer. Obviously, you cannot have something that is bulky if torn off and kept in a wallet or handbag.

Consider the focus of the flyer when contemplating its design. If a flyer showcases the aesthetic appeal of a particular car, you’ll want to go all-out on the colour, and not opt for a black and white image.

Good Flyer Design Optimizes Message Delivery

Remember KISS? Keeping things simple is always a good rule of thumb in advertising. The fewer words you use to describe and sell something effectively, the better.

Remember that people do want to know about new things. Sometimes the take-home message just gets lost in a clutter of unnecessary text and distracting images. Make sure that every element in your flyer design contributes something to the message. From the smallest detail, such as the type of font used to the feature picture of the car, everything should be necessary and bring something positive to the delivery of your message.

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