How to Attract Customers with Auto Sales Flyers

auto sales flyersThere are many ways to attract customers with auto sales flyers, not only because they are an effective advertising medium, but also because flyers can easily tap into your market through a relatively inexpensive method.

Put the Bestsellers in Your Auto Sales Flyers

The challenge that advertising is up against on a daily basis is the fact that people’s attention spans are actually very short. This is one of the primary reasons why TV advertisements, for example, usually last only about 15 to 30 seconds.

With auto sales flyers, you can advertise a fair number of products overall, and zero in to feature three or four specifically, particularly the ones that are the bestsellers in your dealerships. This will immediately attract potential customers, and allow you to showcase products that may even serve as a push-to-sale or a gateway product for your other services.

Use Materials and Techniques that Grab Attention

A good takeaway lesson from franchises such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s, for example, is the fact that as fast food establishments they use colors and tones that are not only appetizing, but also eye-catching.

Red is the most eye-catching color, followed by yellow. Warm tones highlight a feeling of elation, whereas cool colors may promote a relaxing atmosphere. Companies put major thought into which type of mood and emotion they want to associate most with their respective brands.

When it comes to auto sales flyers, the best approach is to opt for catchy colors. Flyers may be available at dealerships and free newspaper boxes, as well as distributed via Canada Post. No matter where your flyers are featured, you definitely want them to be noticed!

Technique is also a necessary aspect of flyer creation. You want auto sales flyers to be esthetically pleasing but not overly cluttered, so finding the right balance is crucial. You want to include as many products and services as possible, but should also understand that your reader can process a finite amount of information before feeling inundated by too much input.

Set the Right Mood for Your Consumers

auto sales flyersThis doesn’t mean a romantic candlelit dinner, but when it comes to advertising, not all approaches will be the same. For some health care products, for example, a kind of scare tactic scenario often comes into play, or perhaps anticipation, which works very well with scrumptious food products.

The mood of auto sales flyers depends largely on the branding of the car. High-end automobiles usually have a more enticing tone, as you are playing up the luxury aspect of a more expensive vehicle. For potential customers who are on the more budget-conscious end of things, a more straightforward and practical approach to advertising is generally preferred.


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