Effective and Efficient: Advertising with Auto Flyers

auto flyersYou may wonder if auto flyers are still an effective way to earn results when it comes to advertising cars. The short answer is: definitely! Flyers remain one of the best methods around. Here are some tips to make them work even harder at getting good results.

Low Cost, High Effectiveness

Of course, effective advertising is comprised of many facets, and doesn’t just rely on the appeal of the visual material alone. Even the most visually tempting of auto flyers won’t attract the right customers if they are not properly distributed in the right areas and at the right time.

Targeting a specific audience increases the success of this advertising method. Making use of channels such as direct mail, when done creatively, can have a huge impact on the response rate of customers.

Look for an experienced company that consistently produces high quality auto flyers with eye-catching, professional designs at a competitive cost. Watch for periodic specials and potential volume discounts, as well. Good flyer companies know that your bottom line is vital and that you want as much bang as possible for your advertising buck.

Good Timing and Visual Aids are Key 

Make sure that your auto flyers don’t feel rushed or cheap—find a company you can rely on for good quality and timely service. Your flyers must be ready for Canada Post delivery when needed or promote a particular holiday weekend promotion, for example. If they aren’t ready on time, that’s simply time and money wasted, plus a missed opportunity to draw in customers.

Simply put, effective visual aids lead to remembering and that’s one of the special advantages of well-designed auto flyers. There is always a subjective aspect to any design; tastes differ and what may be appealing to one individual may not necessarily grab another.

Photographs should be relatively large and clear, especially for high-end luxury brands. Place the car in a scenario that will be relatable to your audience and be sure to grace your auto flyers with a beauty shot of the car. Above all, make people truly enjoying the vehicle a real focus. It’s hard to go wrong with this strategy, which is the approach that almost all advertising media take when promoting cars.

Personalize to be the Go-To Choice

auto flyersPersonalized auto flyers that have been mailed to your clients connote exclusivity, especially if the sales and packages being offered are of premium quality. As such, it pays to get to know the right timing and tone to use when addressing your clients in this fashion. Auto flyers are a way to “talk” to them on a more personal level. Know what you sell, and entice the reader with the product, as though he or she is the only one you are selling it to.


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