Dealership Contests: In It to Win for You and Your Customers

car dealer flyersDealership contests are always a great way to attract a target audience, and there are three main reasons why this advertising strategy works.

Plain and simple, customers enjoy contests. No matter who your target audience may include, at some point they are going to be interested in participating in a process that allows them the chance to win something for free.

  • Make it easy to enter (by coming into the dealership in person)
  • Make the prize(s) worthwhile
  • Give the contest itself an interesting theme and engaging hook

Obviously, most customers are definitely less enthusiastic when they feel pushed. Whether the product is a necessity or a luxury, they prefer to maintain the impression that they are always in control of steering the decision to sign on the dotted line. Entering an on-site dealership contest can promote a feeling of satisfaction and involvement without an aggressive inducement.

Entice People into the Dealership

The most common problem with inviting people into dealerships is that the client feels as though you’re only trying to push the hard sell tactic face-to-face. When you introduce the concept of a specific dealership contest, however, you’re providing an attractive, legitimate reason for people to visit the premises, emphasizing the notion that by simply popping in they can potentially win something appealing. In this way, you not only get them into the dealership, where a sale may happen, but you are also giving them that idea that you are a brand that aims to “give back” to clients in a simple, but fun and interactive way.

Car Dealer Flyers are Reminders of Opportunity

car dealer flyersA good way to announce and involve customers in a dealership contest is through personalized car dealer flyers. This gives the vital impression of exclusivity, as only a select number are given the chance to participate and win. And at the same time, you can also target and tempt those who would not normally go to a dealership as readily. Well-conceived and properly run contests can provide powerful incentive and introduce a sense of excitement and anticipation that engages people’s interest in both the product and the dealership in general.


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