Car Advertisements: Importance of Promoting In and Out of Dealerships

auto flyersDirect mail marketing is just one branch of advertising that can successfully aid in promoting your product. Your vehicle dealership is also an excellent venue to exercise such an approach. Having good quality auto flyers professionally designed, printed and delivered in the vicinity can work wonders, and is part of a two-pronged approach to reaching potential customers both in person at your dealership and beyond.

Target More than Previous Customers

For the most part, direct mail targeted car advertisements can be focused on customers that the dealership has already conducted business with in the past. Make use of the information database built up over time through previous customer contact and transactions.

But what about new, potential walk-in customers? Or those who pass by your dealership on a frequent basis, and may actually be a prime target market that is not directly tapped through the use of direct mail flyers and other kinds of car advertisements? Prominent, on-site signage that catches regular commuters’ eyes is another way to encourage passers-by, whether walking or driving, to come into the dealership for a look.

Use Car-Specific Flyers, Not Just Event-Specific

Car-specific flyers allow you to advertise more of your vehicle models without always needing to focus on matching up with a particular occasion. This also avoids the potential pitfall of taking a time-based approach, as you eliminate the possibility of a particular offer expiring before the customer has an opportunity to make use of it. It’s simply advisable to vary the style and approach of your car advertisement flyers from one campaign to another.

Display Auto Flyers When & Where You Can

Aside from car dealerships, there are other areas where on-paper promotions can be made. A good strategy to remember is that your target audience does not only have to be targeted at home or at the dealership when it comes to advertising your product. Surprise them with a car display at a local mall, for example, in conjunction with plenty of hand-out flyers for browsers, and make flyers available at places such as barber shops and hardware stores—places where what you are promoting is not in direct competition with the business at hand, but certainly might interest their clientele.

Tradeshows: The Ultimate Target Market

auto flyersTradeshows are one of the best places to pump up the hype up on promotions, as your target market is already there and highly receptive. At tradeshows you can show off a wide variety of vehicles to interest more people. Holding an on-site draw where people fill in a small slip to deposit in a draw box lets you collect info such as email addresses—a good way to build a database that you can use in the future for promotions and other offers.

These are also great venues to take advantage of car advertisements by handing out well-designed car flyers, as prospective customers will have another reminder on hand to take away with them, to help keep your products in mind in the midst of the considerable competition at the same event.


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