Auto Advertising 101: Some Top Keywords to Use in Auto Flyers

auto flyersJust as an aesthetically appealing visual design can work wonders on the effectiveness of your auto flyers in catching the attention of their target audience, the other 50% of the equation for a more focused and effective approach in advertising is the content of your copy.

In advertising, be it of automobiles, food, housewares, or myriad other products, flyers are a tried and true medium in seeking sales. But more particularly, it is the use of selected keywords that allows the message to come across most effectively and take root in consumers’ minds.

Auto Flyers: Keywords that Can Stick

There are a number of specific words that tend to stick in consumers’ minds, based on direct marketing and studies on good response rates. Auto flyers would be no exception!

Those words are as follows:

  • You
  • Free
  • Yours
  • Easy
  • How/How to
  • Now
  • People
  • Money
  • Save
  • New
  • Who
  • Why
  • Announcing
  • Gift
  • Hurry
  • Handy
  • Useful
  • Big
  • Large
  • Secret(s)
  • Want

When creating top-notch auto flyers, these words usually attract the attention of the reader in a positive way, encouraging them to pay closer attention to your material, rather than just tossing it aside with the junk mail.

Well-designed auto flyers will highlight these keywords, or allow for their natural repetition; this not only grabs attention but also keeps a potential consumer’s mind more or less at the intended place as your flyer.

Why Use These Words in Auto Flyers?

auto flyersSo just why do these words work? One great reason is that they propel consumers to take action. Auto flyers, no matter how well-designed and well-written, remain useless unless they boost interest and initiate an active response from the receiver.

By using the proper keywords, you are presenting a message that they can easily consume and hopefully act on. If you want to promote a new car model, for example, don’t hesitate to use the words “new,” “hurry,” “yours,” and “want,” as they connote urgency on the part of the buyer to be one of the first to own the latest.

There are many ways to spur the buyer to action. Remember, when showing off what you can offer and the consumer can take advantage of, your auto flyers should highlight promos, new products, special deals and exclusive services for the car brand in question. Using the best keywords in the process leads to a better end result.


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