RVsA flyer reveals so much more about a company than just some products, services and deals.How is it that one flyer design can make a company look reputable, approachable and successful, while another design can make it look like a shoddy operation?A flyer reflects your company’s image and what you care about.

Poorly designed flyers send a message that a brand doesn’t care about perception or just doesn’t understand it.Let’s look at some flyer principles and techniques that help automotive read more


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– With Compelling, Automotive Flyer Advertising that Grabs Attention and Encourages ACTION!

Used effectively, automotive flyers can interest and attract people in your area who are contemplating an automobile purchase.

They also reinforce your brand and keep your dealership in the top-of-mind position for others who may not be ready to purchase for a few more months. Creating a compelling, results-oriented automotive flyer requires advice from experts with years of experience in this specific market – experts who know the industry and have fine-tuned their car advertising techniques.

As an automotive advertising company in Canada specializing in flyers, our results have proven time and again, that prospects for a new car do indeed read and respond to automotive flyers – read more


large size flyersAutomotive flyer advertising continues to be one of the leading choices for Canadian car companies looking to make an impression in their local region. But one of the most common questions many car dealership owners have is what size they should choose for their advertising flyers. While smaller flyers have some benefits, larger pieces that are at least 22″ by 34″ are the clear choice for companies looking to stand out and make a statement with their promotional campaign.

Let’s highlight the benefits of the larger size automotive flyers and outline options for Canadian car dealership owners to consider.

Larger Sizes Provide Greater Scope for Content

Put simply: the greater the amount of space on a flyer, the more read more


Smartphone Scanning Qr CodeAutomotive companies strive to offer the car their customers desire and provide them with the best service possible while doing so.

To that end, they put forth their best available cars and then creatively reach out and promote them to the public at large in hopes that they might be interested in buying one or more.

With the multitude of messages in the advertising landscape coming from every direction, how does a car dealership attract the attention of a potential customer and lead him to their showroom or read more


Automobile DealerIn a highly competitive automotive market, and with so many auto companies pouring investment into online promotion, there is still a big opportunity to capitalize on a proven effective tool for direct advertising: the flyer.

Being able to make an instant connection with a potential customer is critical to a business’s success. This concept has been the cornerstone of many successful promotional strategies employed across Canada over the years. Here we’ll focus on how automotive companies can use flyer advertising as part of a comprehensive and flexible promotional read more


Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation which takes effect on July 1, 2014 will not only have more stringent measures for marketers but will include a hefty penalty for non-compliance that can be anywhere from $1 million for individuals and $10 million for businesses. This apparently impacts the marketing strategies of most companies.

targeted marketingHowever, one marketing strategy that the CASL does not affect is Direct Marketing (DM) which has been widely utilized in automotive marketing through auto flyer advertising. In fact, CASL only reinforces the advantages of direct marketing. By itself, this strategy is preferred by a third of Canadians, 68 percent of whom open their mails right away and 95 percent read their mails the same day that they get it, according to Canada Post. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) affirms the viability of this strategy by stating that direct mails generate 4.4 percent responses against the 0.12 percent response from e-mails.

Auto flyer advertising is synonymous to targeted marketing since flyer distribution is focused on the locality of the car dealership. Mapping target markets allow dealers to evaluate new opportunities and acquire new customers.  Neighborhood data also reveal the demographics of read more


car dealer flyersDealership contests are always a great way to attract a target audience, and there are three main reasons why this advertising strategy works.

Plain and simple, customers enjoy contests. No matter who your target audience may include, at some point they are going to be interested in participating in a process that allows them the chance to win something for free.

  • Make it easy to enter (by coming into the dealership in person)
  • Make the prize(s) worthwhile
  • Give the contest itself an interesting theme and engaging hook

Obviously, most customers are definitely less enthusiastic when they feel pushed. Whether the product is a necessity or a luxury, they prefer to maintain the impression that they are always in control of steering the decision to read more


flyer advertisingPrivate sales for cars may seem like something discriminatory, but it is actually a great way to market your brand. The client list for this particular target market would be very exclusive, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cover a great deal of your clientele base when targeting select clients.

Do consider holding set-apart sales for particular groups of people. The benefit of sending out private sale invitations is that you can target a specific audience, showcasing an only-for-them opportunity; you can do that for various client groups, bringing to each event a special cachet and feeling of uniqueness.

Demonstrate Exclusivity: Your Client is Important

Holding a private sale for choice clients is pretty much the easiest way to say “premium” service—while at the same time indicating to each read more


auto flyersDirect mail marketing is just one branch of advertising that can successfully aid in promoting your product. Your vehicle dealership is also an excellent venue to exercise such an approach. Having good quality auto flyers professionally designed, printed and delivered in the vicinity can work wonders, and is part of a two-pronged approach to reaching potential customers both in person at your dealership and beyond.

Target More than Previous Customers

For the most part, direct mail targeted car advertisements can be focused on customers that the dealership has already conducted business with in the past. Make use of the information database built up over time through read more


flyer advertisingFlyer advertising takes numerous approaches, but making use of particular holidays and other seasonal or special events as a driving force behind your offers can be an especially powerful tool. Let’s look at some of the strategies and reasons why occasion advertising works so well.

Flyer advertising that hinges on a certain occasion already serves two purposes: personally greeting your customer during a holiday season, and giving them a reason to expect an attractive transaction from your dealership.


A Proven Advertising Method: Holidays Equal Deals

What holidays are most known for are the bargains and deals that come with them? There’s no right answer, as there’s always an opportunity to take this effective advertising approach. Be it seasonally festive, spooky, parent-honouring or patriotic, every observance can be read more



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