Why You Should Use Images in Car Advertisements

car advertisementsMost advertising comes alive when you show images of or related to your product. This has always been an effective method when you want your ad to be noticed more readily by your target market.

Why are images so effective? And what images make more sense, especially if your particular business makes use of car advertisements to encourage sales?

Show Your Product at the Get-Go

Plain and simple: advertisements are there to showcase your product to a market and to draw potential customers. And the quickest possible way to do this is to show an appealing image of the product, right off the bat.

There are two kinds of images that you can show—the main flagship series of cars, or new arrivals, as teasers to entice your audience even more. Some car advertisements feature a series of these teaser ads with images, because they know that their target market will anticipate the release of the next image.

Those who are already interested in cars will be more attentive, especially if you are showing off a picture of a brand new model or the flagship car of your company.

Good Visuals Can Convey Your Message

What are infographics? Also called “information graphics,” they are graphic visual representations of information or other data that are used to present multifaceted information quickly and clearly. They can improve understanding by using pictures and symbols to increase the visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

In car advertisements, good images don’t always mean just the vehicles themselves. For promotions and offers, for example, you can make effective use of icons and infographics that will more quickly catch your audience’s attention, instead of only writing the message inside the body copy of the advertisement. For instance, discounts, special prices, or even bundled packages can be strategically placed so that your offers are immediately seen by the consumer.

Buyers will always be attracted to great offers, but in the case of car advertisements, in particular, the offer should be seen immediately. You have to remember that your audience does not have a lot of time to read, and most likely, won’t want to read through an entire section of text to see if there’s an offer waiting at the end.

Showcase Emotion in Car Advertisements

car advertisementsAside from showing your product, you can also make use of people in your images. When you show people looking pleased while they use or experience your product, the more it will entice your audience to acquire that product for themselves.

Studies show that happy-looking women and/or cheerful families attract more consumers to the advertisement. For cars, since your target market is mostly males, it would be great to showcase a John Doe who is enjoying the product or a scene where the consumer can imagine themselves driving the car.


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