Apply Good Marketing for Successful Auto Flyer Advertising

flyer advertisingThere is a reason why direct mailing and flyer advertising are still media well used in automobile advertising, and basically any other product that needs to communicate directly to its market. The reason is, it has proven its effectiveness time and again.

In terms of a marketing approach, research has shown that the strategy employed in flyer advertising has generated an effectiveness rate of 75% in terms of response rate from the target audience.

Sell the “What For” Instead of Just the “What”

An all-too-common mistake for most companies and organizations that use flyer advertising is too much focus on the features, rather than the benefits and advantages that consumers can get once they acquire the product.

Remember this: no matter what kind of feature a car has, it will have a similar feature compared to another vehicle in the same line. However, when you highlight the benefits of owning that specific car for your consumer, you change the entire pace of the conversation. It’s like saying that if you have a luxury brand, it delivers a particular satisfaction, be it the benefit of driving with top-notch safety or the comfort of a deluxe interior.

This is the reason why car brands should always embody brand identity—it’s the central key around which your offers and products revolve.

Keep Flyer Advertising Appealing but Realistic

flyer advertisingWhether it’s traditional or modern, the term “false advertising” has always come up every now and then. It can be in the form of a baseless claim or simply a tactic to get attention without delivering results.

This is one of the pitfalls of advertising, and one that can be a source of extreme disappointment to customers, to the point that some may never again use a product just because they did not get the results that were claimed beforehand.

At the same time, the unique selling point of your product should always resonate with the brand itself. A good example in the case of cars is the difference between the advertising tactics for a luxury car versus a standard, budget brand. Luxury cars would tend to highlight the appeal of the comfort and elegance of the brand. Regardless of promos, therefore, price point will not be the focus—the ease of indulging in the brand’s luxurious offerings becomes the focus instead.

With a budget brand, whether there is a sale or regular flyer advertisement, what should be highlighted is the appeal of the price point, and owning a reliable car at a very low price.

While you are touting specific features or aspects of the brand, you are not deviating from the reality of the product, or in danger of pulling away from the brand’s identity.


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