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Toronto Advertising Staff
Fay Hangdaan, President
Fay Hangdaan
Adam Medeiros
Adam Medeiros
BC – Sales Representative
Jocelyn Hangdaan (Treasurer)
Jocelyn Hangdaan
Cleo Bangsoy (Director of Promotions)
Cleo Bangsoy
Director of Promotions
Angelica Rei Hangdaan (Director of Disbursements)
Angelica Rei Hangdaan
Director of Disbursements
Arsenia Takinan (Central Files I/C)
Arsenia Takinan
Central Files I/C
Dave Hughes (Director of Delivery)
Dave Hughes
Director of Delivery
Juana (Letter Registrar)
Letter Registrar
Toronto Advertising Staff

Toronto Advertising Staff

Fay Hangdaan, President

Fay Hangdaan, President

After 17 years of working behind the scenes planning for the company’s advancement and handling other administrative functions, I have recently taken on the challenging yet rewarding task of sales. As a salesperson, I have the opportunity to meet some of my customers which has given me a firsthand understanding of their needs and wants in designing their automotive advertising flyers.

My goal is to help clients boost their sales. Therefore, it is very rewarding to hear that their events were successful. Designing promo pieces comes with the postulate that it will bring success to the car dealerships I am creating them for. Getting noticed in a crowded marketplace is all about setting yourself apart, making a statement and staying visible. For this reason I ensure that the flyers I create stand out from others. The successes of my car dealership clients are my success too.

Our company is founded on the values that I deem important in my personal life: integrity, honesty and excellent service. Customers are presented with the best service and products Toronto Advertising Ltd can offer to help them attract new car buyers.

I am looking forward to assisting new and current customers with their printed marketing campaigns and offering them the additional service our partnership with Canadian Chinese Radio provides. I want every client that I help to flourish and prosper in our current economy.

Even with my busy schedule, I find time to get involved in numerous non-profit organizations in the community such as BIBAK, a non-profit organization of the Cordilleran people of the Philippines, the Association for better living and education (ABLE), Ifugao Association of Canada (IAC) to name a few. In 2013, I also co-hosted Pinoy Link, a radio program that served the Filipino-Canadian community.

Howard Prendergast

Howard Prendergast, Sales Manager

My experience in the advertising, graphics and photography industries, in roles as art supplier, marketer, photographer and salesman, has equipped me with the necessary skills to guide my clients through the process of selecting the right product for their needs and also caring for that client as the project proceeds. I use excellent communication and service in making sure all our clients feel cared for and informed during the advertising process. I deliver what I promise.

In life before my tenure in the commercial media sector I worked as an Industrial Engineering technologist in the rail industry. The 6 years I spent there has embedded in me the habits of efficiency and attention to detail which I always bring, as an asset, to your project.

When not working, I enjoy spending time at home with my wife and three daughters, cooking, photography and the study of life.

Jocelyn Hangdaan (Treasurer)

Jocelyn Hangdaan, Treasurer

Cleo Bangsoy (Director of Promotions)

Cleo Bangsoy, Director of Promotions

Angelica Rei Hangdaan (Director of Disbursements)

Angelica Rei Hangdaan, Director of Disbursements

Dave Huhes (Director of Delivery)

Dave Hughes, Director of Delivery

Helena Brousseau (Production Clerk)

Helena Brosseau, Promotional Clerk

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