October 2013

car dealer flyersDealership contests are always a great way to attract a target audience, and there are three main reasons why this advertising strategy works.

Plain and simple, customers enjoy contests. No matter who your target audience may include, at some point they are going to be interested in participating in a process that allows them the chance to win something for free.

  • Make it easy to enter (by coming into the dealership in person)
  • Make the prize(s) worthwhile
  • Give the contest itself an interesting theme and engaging hook

Obviously, most customers are definitely less enthusiastic when they feel pushed. Whether the product is a necessity or a luxury, they prefer to maintain the impression that they are always in control of steering the decision to read more


flyer advertisingPrivate sales for cars may seem like something discriminatory, but it is actually a great way to market your brand. The client list for this particular target market would be very exclusive, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cover a great deal of your clientele base when targeting select clients.

Do consider holding set-apart sales for particular groups of people. The benefit of sending out private sale invitations is that you can target a specific audience, showcasing an only-for-them opportunity; you can do that for various client groups, bringing to each event a special cachet and feeling of uniqueness.

Demonstrate Exclusivity: Your Client is Important

Holding a private sale for choice clients is pretty much the easiest way to say “premium” service—while at the same time indicating to each read more



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