August 2013

flyer advertisingFlyer advertising takes numerous approaches, but making use of particular holidays and other seasonal or special events as a driving force behind your offers can be an especially powerful tool. Let’s look at some of the strategies and reasons why occasion advertising works so well.

Flyer advertising that hinges on a certain occasion already serves two purposes: personally greeting your customer during a holiday season, and giving them a reason to expect an attractive transaction from your dealership.


A Proven Advertising Method: Holidays Equal Deals

What holidays are most known for are the bargains and deals that come with them? There’s no right answer, as there’s always an opportunity to take this effective advertising approach. Be it seasonally festive, spooky, parent-honouring or patriotic, every observance can be read more


car dealership direct marketingCar dealership direct marketing through auto flyers is unique, in the sense that you can tap a targeted market from the get-go. This particular approach is something that should be maximized, as it not only allows you to give your clients the positive impression that you are talking exclusively to them, but also a way to advertise a good number of products.

It’s always important to strike the tone that your market is using. After all, all brands ideally need to appeal and relate to their target audience. Do this even before creating your brand’s identity, as the target market will shape the audience you will be talking to in the long run. This means making your product appealing to the audience in order to also tailor your car dealership direct marketing within a more focused pattern. This increases your consumers’ impression that you understand them and their particular needs and preferences and in turn inspires confidence.

Match Location with the Cars Being Advertised

For the most part, car brands have different lines that can match specific topographical areas. Whether it is a luxury car, middle-of-the-road or read more


auto flyersYou may wonder if auto flyers are still an effective way to earn results when it comes to advertising cars. The short answer is: definitely! Flyers remain one of the best methods around. Here are some tips to make them work even harder at getting good results.

Low Cost, High Effectiveness

Of course, effective advertising is comprised of many facets, and doesn’t just rely on the appeal of the visual material alone. Even the most visually tempting of auto flyers won’t attract the right customers if they are not properly distributed in the right areas and at the right time.

Targeting a specific audience increases the success of this advertising method. Making use of channels such as direct mail, when done creatively, can have a huge impact on read more



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