June 2013

Every single day, people are exposed to an enormous variety of media in advertising, including print, television, radio, email, social media and more. Indeed, advertising has come a long way, and become even more multifaceted than ever, and because there are a plethora of similar products on the market, the competition is fierce. One way to introduce and maintain the exposure of your particular product is through frequent and successful repetition.

Targeting the Audience: Effective Frequency Defined

flyer advertisingThe idea of effective frequency has been defined in several ways. Ideally, it refers to the amount of exposure consumers should be given to a particular product. This exposure would have to be the middle ground—not so little that the message is not received and retained, and yet not too sustained or frequent so as to cause over saturation. A tricky balance!

One of the top considerations should be the response that is incited in the consumer, because all types of advertising need a call of action. This means that it’s desirable to allow your audience to have multiple opportunities to see the product, so a medium such as flyer advertising is effective.

Structuring the Campaign for Effective Exposure

Traditional advertising has given birth to the concept of the magic three in effective exposure. In other words, a repetition frequency of three read more


auto sales flyersThere are many ways to attract customers with auto sales flyers, not only because they are an effective advertising medium, but also because flyers can easily tap into your market through a relatively inexpensive method.

Put the Bestsellers in Your Auto Sales Flyers

The challenge that advertising is up against on a daily basis is the fact that people’s attention spans are actually very short. This is one of the primary reasons why TV advertisements, for example, usually last only about 15 to 30 seconds.

With auto sales flyers, you can advertise a fair number of products overall, and zero in to feature three or four specifically, particularly the ones that are the bestsellers in your dealerships. This will immediately attract read more


Auto FlyersAuto flyers make for a great way to showcase your vehicle products without having to go through the hassle and expense of creating posters and other printed ads that may not always be seen by your target market.

With auto flyers, you can take control of the kind of information that your audience receives and you direct them to the exact area where the sale is taking place.

Perfect for Promoting Teasers or Promos

Promotional materials are one of the most common ways that auto flyers are used as an effective selling tool. You can immediately distribute announcements of various promos, discounts, and new releases in a well-designed flyer, complete with the specs, features, and prices of the cars.

You can include all of the information needed for the promo, or it can serve as a teaser auto flyer, wherein you can put links to your read more



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