December 2012

Car Auto Flyers from Toronto AdvertisingCars don’t sell themselves, and no one knows that better than those in the business. Maybe it’s the fluctuating economy. Or the fact that people are bewildered by choice and need that extra push to get them off the couch and through the dealership doors to talk turkey and take that initial test drive. No matter what the challenges and obstacles, when promoting the inventory of vehicle dealerships, car sale flyers are still a tried and true method that works.

Why Use Auto Flyers to Help Sell Cars?

The changing landscape of advertising ideas for car dealerships has introduced more choices than ever before. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see digital campaigns launching products or even specific brands exclusively through Internet advertising. One proven method that still holds its own and keeps up with the times is car sale flyers, particularly in Canada. With the prevalence and popularity of email, texting and online activity in general, the amount of household mail delivered door-to-door has decreased considerably, and this works well for auto flyers.

Sending car sale flyers to individual mailboxes ensures that the target audience has the ability to peruse them while at home. This way, you are presenting the opportunity to read more



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